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too much spam

As the domain host and background admin of this wp installation I periodically log in to delete all the spam comments in the moderation queue, but there have been a ridiculous number lately and the zine hasn’t been updated in a while so I’ve changed a few settings, temporarily, yanno, just to stop the spam.
– ‘superadmin’

Update: feedback needed?

After suggestions from people on facebook I’m considering leaving the zine book format and just posting a daily comic by itself. The reasons are: (a) it takes too much effort to compile the comics into Word and then .PDF format, causing large time gaps between posting each edition. (B) Some devices do not support .PDF format. (C) One has to open/save a .PDF document, whereas with images one can just view it straight from the webpage, saving time and making it more convenient to view.
However, if I make this change, I’d like to post all my past comics for the people who’ve missed out because of the PDFs. Let me know if this is going to be an issue.
Hey everyone, could you please tell me what you think? Comment below/ask in person/pop up on facebook etc.